Winter Oral Health Tips

While we know cold air wreaks havoc on our lips, winter weather can also trigger teeth sensitivity and other oral health issues! Keep your smile healthy and beautiful all winter long with these quick tips from DC Pearls Dental Boutique.

Mouth Sores in the Winter

Mouth sores can be caused by virus, illness, or seemingly nothing at all.

Canker Sores – Canker sores are white sores inside the mouth that are usually not contagious, but can flare up in the winter due to harsh elements and overindulgence of acidic foods during the holidays. Because avoiding acidic and spicy foods altogether may not be possible, we recommend swishing a mixture of one teaspoon salt with a half a cup of water to help clean the stores several times a day – this can aid in healing.

Cold Sores – Cold sores are most often located on the lips and are highly contagious. Sometimes people see a flare-up of cold sores in the winter because of exposure to the harsh sun. Be careful to protect your lips with SPF lip balm in the winter just as you would in the summer to ward off these painful sores.

Sensitivity in the Cold

For those with sensitive teeth, the winter can mean even more pain because there is simply more cold air to irritate the teeth. To combat extra sensitivity, use desensitizing toothpaste and don’t forget to floss after brushing – this stimulates the gums to keep them healthy and protect underlying roots. Furthermore, always use a soft toothbrush to avoid even more irritation.

Drink Up for Better Breath

We know our bodies need at least eight glasses of water for optimal health, but did you know it’s important for oral health too? Drinking water rinses out your mouth and keeps it moist—keeping smelly bacteria at bay. Moisture depletion can be maintained with proper hydration, reducing the feeling of a dry mouth.

Bundle Up

Our teeth may be hard, but they are not immune to extreme cold! In fact, drastic fluctuations in temperature can cause your teeth to expand and contract, which may cause hairline fractures in the surface. Limit your time in cold weather, and when that isn’t an option, trap heat near your face by wearing a scarf or mask when you have to brave the cold!

For questions about your oral health this winter, please call us at DC Pearls Dental Boutique Phone Number 202-750-8718 today!

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