Straight Talk about Invisalign®

Are you ready for your journey to a straighter, stronger, healthier smile? With Invisalign® clear aligners, we can straighten your bite in just 6-18 months without anyone knowing. You can stay active in sports, socialize and live your life free from the restrictions that metal braces impose.

Invisalign® for Your Health

Invisalign® isn’t just for your looks, it’s also for your health. Crooked teeth can cause many health problems, from periodontal disease to premature wear that leads to jaw pain, gum recession, loose teeth, fractures and even headaches. Invisalign® can straighten your smile and enhance your health.

Clear Braces

Instead of traditional metal wires and brackets, Invisalign® uses a progression of clear aligner trays to shift teeth into proper position. We use computer models to create customized aligner trays for a picture-perfect smile. Because the aligners are clear, no one even has to know that you are wearing them!

Invisalign®: FAQs

How long does treatment take?

Total treatment time with Invisalign® ranges from 6 to 18 months, with most cases taking 12 months.

Does Invisalign® hurt?

Invisalign® does cause some soreness, but usually less so than traditional metal braces. Most people experience discomfort when they change aligners, but the soreness lessens over a few days.

How often do I change aligners?

Most trays are worn for 2 weeks, and are then swapped for a new set of trays to further progress in treatment.

Can I remove my clear aligners to eat?

Yes, aligners can be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss teeth. Other than those instances, aligners must be worn at all times (including sleep) in order for the treatment to work.

How do I clean my Invisalign® trays?

Gently brush aligners every night and rinse them thoroughly to keep them clean and bacteria-free.

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