Office Policies

1. New patient appointments

Everything we do on the new patient appointment is to assess your unique individual needs. Therefore, during your first appointment with us you will receive a comprehensive dental examination, dental radiographs (x-ray) and dental cleaning (unless otherwise specified). Radiographs (x-rays) are an essential part of dental exam and we are required to have dental x-rays in your chart to perform a comprehensive exam. If you have a recent set of dental X-rays (past 12 months) from pervious dentist, please email them to our office at DC Pearls Dental Boutique.

2. Medications, substances and medical condition

Antibiotics, analgesics “pain medicines” and anesthetics, latex and other substances can cause allergic reactions resulting in redness and swelling of tissue and itching, pain, vomiting and/or more severe allergic reaction. It is patient’s responsibility to inform the dentist of any known allergies and/or medical conditions, including the possible pregnancy on my medical history form.

3. Treatment and dental benefits

Treatments that my dentist recommends are based on what he determines is best for my dental health and not necessarily based on what an insurance plan will pay. Therefore, your insurance may not cover all aspects of your treatment plan and you will be financially responsible for any treatment not covered by the insurance plan. Our team will provide you with the best estimate possible (as provided by your insurance over the phone). The financial breakdown provided to you in the office is only an estimate of insurance benefits and actual coverage may differ due to frequency limitations, group coverage, incomplete information provided by my insurance company, etc. Please understand that ultimately, patient is responsible for any balance remaining in the event that my insurance coverage is terminated for any reason.

4. Changes to treatment plan

During treatment it may be necessary to change or add procedures because of conditions found during treatment that were not evident during the initial examination. Some of these changes are, but are not limited to, root canal therapy that is necessary following the placement of “deep filling” or crowns recommended after placement of “large fillings”. If that is the case, the dentist would talk to you about these new treatments while you are in the procedure room and will ask your verbal authorization to make any changes and or additions to your treatment plan as necessary.

5. Cancelation policy

We ask for at least 48-hour notice if you need to make any changes to your appointment. Please note that charges will be applied for broken or missed appointments without a 48-hr notice ($100 per hour). The charges may be waived only if you are having a true emergency and can provide documentations.