For Deep Filling

Post-Operative Instructions

You will be numb for 1-2 hours after leaving the office. Please be careful not to bite your cheek, lips, or tongue. Also, avoid very hot foods and
beverages until the numbing has worn off.

  • You have had your cavity filled with composite resin material which has been light cured to bond to your natural tooth structure. You may eat as soon as you’d like, but please avoid chewing ice or candy. These items can fracture even healthy teeth.
  • You have had your cavity filled with a glass ionomer which is being cured with your natural tooth structure chemically over the next 24 hours. Please avoid eating on the side of the mouth where you have this filling. After 24 hours has passed, you can eat as normal. As always, avoid chewing ice or hard candy as these can fracture even healthy teeth.

TENDERNESS/SENSITIVITY – It is normal to have some tenderness and/or sensitivity at and around the tooth that has the deep filling. This shouldn’t last more than a few days. It is advised to take over the counter Advil, Ibuprofen or Tylenol as directed on the bottle for the first 48 hours after treatment. IF TENDERNESS DOES NOT SUBSIDE – There are a few reasons why tenderness might last more than a few days.

1. When exposed to hot and cold influences the filling material may expand and contract at a slightly different rate to the tooth structure, but this should eventually subside and may only be noticed on occasion.
2. The size of the filling may be more than half of your tooth structure. Biting on a filling this large will never be exactly like biting with a healthy tooth. Chewing meat and other tough items should be done with the side of your mouth that does not have this large filling. If this is your experience, please see info on a custom crown.
3. The cavity was too close to the nerve of the tooth causing the nerve to be inflamed. A root canal therapy will have to be performed to relieve pain and prevent infection. Please call the office if you find this to be your experience.

CROWN – There is a possibility that the tooth with this large filling will eventually need a custom-made crown. Due to the weakened state of the tooth, a crown will support and protect it the best. We advise that at some point down the road you have a custom-made porcelain crown placed on this tooth. Please ask one of our financial coordinators for fees and insurance estimates. Please follow these home care.